Jenni Pulos is breaking her silence about her feud with Jeff Lewis, discussing how her 11-year partnership with him on Bravo’s Flipping Out ended, and how she is moving forward.

Pulos tells People that Lewis fired her unexpectedly last May in an incident that will air in an upcoming episode.

“I had no idea it was coming,” says Pulos, 45, who started out as Lewis’s assistant and then rose to executive producer of the show. “I didn’t decide. He decided he was going to terminate me from his business and so then in turn, the decision was made. I always saw myself seeing the show through.”

She continues: “It was puzzling to me. He said he wanted me to go and do my thing. We see things very differently. I believed I had been an asset to his business and he believed differently, I imagine.”

Lewis made his POV clear when he took to social media and crossed out her face with a red X. Later, he said on his radio show that Pulo hadn’t worked for him for “years” and that their entire relationship had been manufactured for the show. He also said that she filed claims of abuse, a charge she denies.

She tells People: “Citing wrongful termination claim, wrong. Citing abuse claim, wrong. Citing victimization claim, wrong.”

For now, Pulos is still an exec producer on Flipping Out. A twelfth season has not yet been ordered.

Source: Pulse of Radio